Samtec FireFly Technology showcased on Sundance DSP Solar Express Board at OFC 2017

Visit Samtec at booth #2139 or 2367 to see the Solar Express processing board with 4 FireFly™ protocol agnostic Fiber optic engines. For more details on SE100 click here.

SE100 is an FPGA accelerator PCIe board based on the powerful Xilinx  Virtex Ultrascale XCVU190 FPGA in C2104 package. With the super fast communication provided by the on-board FireFly connections, multiple SE100s can be cascaded to create a mini super computer system for compute intensive applications. Here is a short list of SE100 features:

  • Four, full-duplex, Samtec’s FireFly™ optical links, with
  • 100+Gb/s data transfer in each direction (400Gb/s aggregate)
  • Samtec’s Bull’s Eye with 4 GTY links and clock, 100Gb/s aggregate
  • Samtec’s ZRay with 16 GTY, control IO and clocks (400Gb/s aggregate)
  • 4 CFP4 optical Ethernet with aggregate 400Gb/s
  • 2GB of HMC, 8GB of DDR4 and 18MB of QDR2+
  • Gen3 PCIe connectivity, x8
  • External power supply and efficient cooling for embedded applications