Xilinx Zynq Ultrascale+ MPSoC PCIe card

SE120 is based on Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ family. Depending on the choice of FPGA it can be sued for digital communication or image processing and AR/VR applications. Sundnce DSP supplies several frame grabber modules ranging from MIPI to Cameralink which can create a suitable platform for AR/VR solutions. The selection of FPGAs that can be used on this board and their available resources are shown below.

Summary of devices and available resources:




  • Virtex Ultrascale+ Zynq MPSoC FPGA in C1156 package
  • Up to 2GB of DDR4 to PL
  • Flash memory for user application bitstream
  • Micro SD card for running OS and embedded applications (attached to PS part).
  • JTAG through USB2.0 connector
  • SFP+ attached to PL
  • System monitoring
  • x8 lanes PCIe Gen4
  • 1 FMC expansion site with 10 GTH  at 16.3Gb/s transceivers and 56 LVDS IO pairs
  • Video Codec H.265/H.264 with XCZU7EV
  • GTH,GTY, 100EMAC and  Interlaken, when fitted with XCZU11EG
  • for the ARM processors within the Zync following interfaces are available:
    • Display port
    • 1x CAN
    • Up to 32 GB of SDRAM via DDR4 SODIMM to PS
    • 1 xUSB 3.
    • 2 x USB2
    • 2 x SATA
    • 1 x RJ45


  • Artificial Reality / Virtual Reality ( AR/VR
  • Digital Communications
  • Network Acceleration
  • Data Centers
  • High performance optical networking
  • High-end Image Processing
  • ASIC/SOC prototyping and development
  • Machine Vision
  • Machine Learning
  • Intelligence and security,
  • High performance computing
  • High Frequency/Speed stock trading
  • Defense



Click here for a 3D Model of SE120


Component side Solder side Location of interfaces

Block Diagram