FMC-CL, Cameralink frame-grabber FMC

FMC/CL is a Camera Link FMC (FPGA Mezzanine Module) that interfaces to quad BASE, MEDIUM, and dual FULL and Extended FULL Camera Link compatible cameras.

The FMC/CL has variety of I/O capabilities – 2 x SATA connectors and 4 CL connectors that can also be used as a general purpose I/O.

Table below shows the mode and the support provided by the hardware based on FPGA card used.

LPC Carrier
HPC Carrier
Single Base CL
Dual Base CL
Quad Base CL
Single Medium CL
Dual Medium CL
Single Full / Extended Full CL
Dual Full / Extended Full CL
1x SATA-3
2x SATA-3





  • Dual Base, Quad Base, Medium, Full and Extended Full CL configuration
  • PoCL (Power over Camera Link) support
  • Up to 85 MHz data rate
  • ESD protection for all Camera Link signals
  • Optional Dual SATA for direct disk interface
  • LPC (low pin count) and HPC (high pin count)
  • Commercial and Industrial grades
  • Supports Sundance DSP Video Generator



  • High-end image processing
  • Defense
  • Machine vision
  • Video analysis


fmc_cl-bot fmc_cl_conn-top fmc_cl_conn-bot
FMC-CL solder side Auxiliary card top side Auxiliary card bottom side


3D image of FMC-CL and auxiliary board SGM Stereo demo using FMC-CL and EMC2 PCIe104 carrier card:  

Block Diagram

Block diagram

FMC-CL is supported by Sundance DSP PXIe700, and K800 PCIe FPGA boards using Xilinx Kintex series. The IP core for capturing the frames from the camera(s) is included. An extension PC bracket and flex cables allows the use of two cameras in Full/Extended modes.


FMC-CL    Includes, FMC-CL, auxiliary card with PC bracket (offers 2 additional cameralink connectors), 2  152660343 flex  cables and standoff and screws. If ordered for PXIe systems then may also need to order FMC-CL-PXIe bracket.

FC-CL       IP core in binary format for supporting FMC-CL interface to camera. Source version is also available, please contact Sundance sales’ team for details.