SoM3-MPF300T module, using Microsemi PolarFire FPGA

Simplify your complex design and reduce time-to-market of your products by dropping in an SOM module as a component in the design. SoM3 is a System On Module using the powerful, low power and highly secure PolarFire FPGA from Microsemi. It is based on the PolarFire FPGA MP300T in FCVG484 package. The module is compatible with some SoMs from Trenz and can be plugged to Sundance EMC2-DP or suitable Trenz SOM carrier cards. Module is particularly suitable for applications needing high security and where low power and small space is required. This SOM has a small footprint of 40x50mm. PolarFire FPGAs offer design security with transceivers, low power transceiver devices, data security with transceivers, and low power data security with transceiver devices. All PolarFire FPGAs are integrated with multi-protocol industry-leading low-power transceivers. Low power (L) devices provide up to 35% lower static power. Also, data security (S) devices have an integrated DPA safe crypto accelerator. PolarFire Devices are currently offered in Extended Commercial (0ºC to 100ºC) and Industrial (–40ºC to 100ºC) device offerings. The Libero SoC PolarFire Design Suite delivers a number of many soft IP cores, including a RISC-V processor, Data Security, Ethernet, DES encryption, error detection and correction, and more. This helps kick start many development projects and reduces time to market.

SOM3  is by default populated with MPF300T-FCVG484 device but can be optionally built with MPF100T, 0r 200T in the same package for reducing cost. With any of the options the module provides many IOs and 4 high speed transceivers. Below is the table showing resource and family details of PolarFire range.



  • Small foot print, System On Module (SOM) with 40 x 50 mm dimension
  • compatible with some Trenz SOMs and carriers
  • Total User I/O:   (HSIO/GPIO)/XCVRs  -> 284(120/164)/4
  • low power and high performance
  • exceptional security
  • many hard IP cores, including: RIS and ARM processors
  • 4 high-speed transceivers
  • 4GB of DDR4 memory
  • 10/100/1000Mbit Ethernet PHY on board;
  • Flexible clocking IC – SI5338A-B-GM with 25MHz ±10ppm reference oscillator
  • The lowest static power—1/10 static power vs. competing devices
  • Transceiver optimized for 12.7 Gbps, which yields 1/2 the power vs. competing devices
  • Low power Flash*Freeze mode yields best-in-class standby power
  • Integrated hard IP—DDR PHY, PCIe endpoint/root port, crypto processor
  • Total power (static and dynamic)—up to 50% lower power


  • Communications
  • Defense
  • Medical
  • Industrial control
  • Automotive, by offering High reliability for ensuring zero-defects
  • Space
SOM-3-MPF300T component side SOM-3-MPF300T solder side SOM0n EMC2 carrier

Block Diagram

Block Diagram


Placement diagram, component side

Placement diagram, solder side


Libero development tool from Microsemi

DirectCores, included with the Libero license.

SOM-3-MPF300: the module is fitted with an industrial grade PolarFire MPF300T-FCVG484 and 4GB of DDR4 Memory.