Terms & Conditions of Sale


(a) These Terms and Conditions shall apply to all contracts for goods   sold   or   work   done   by   Sundance   Digital   Signal Processing Inc (hereinafter  referred to as “Sundance DSP”) and purchased  by any customer (hereinafter  referred  to as “Customer”).

(b)  These terms and conditions shall constitute the whole agreement  between  Sundance DSP  and  its  Customers  and may  not    be    modified     or    varied     unless     specifically accepted  by Sundance DSP in writing.

(c)  Each order  received   and  accepted   by  Sundance DSP will  be deemed to be a separate Contract to which these conditions of sale shall apply.

(d) As all products are built to order and SDSP our sales are based on NCNR terms (Non-Cancelable, Non-Refundable). In particular all IPs consisting software, firmware sources cannot be taken back for credit and customers are well advised to make sure the suitability of the IPs for their application prior to purchase.  If any hardware delivered to customers does not perform as advertised then SDSP may decide to refund, replace or perform repair at its sole discretion.


(a) Quotations are made by Sundance DSP upon Customer’s  request but there is no obligation for either party until Sundance DSP accepts the Customer’s order.

(b) Sundance DSP reserves the right to increase the price of goods agreed  to  be  sold  in  proportion  to  any  increase  of costs  to Sundance DSP  between  the  date  of  acceptance  of the  order  and the date of delivery  or where the increase  is due to any act or default   of   the   Customer,   including   the cancellation    or rescheduling  by the Customer of part of any order.

(c) Sundance DSP  reserves  the right  (without  prejudice  to any  other  remedy)  to  cancel  any  uncompleted  order  or  to suspend delivery  in the  event  of any  of the Customer’s commitment with Sundance DSP not being met.


(a) Any delivery date quoted is only an estimate and not of the essence.  Sundance DSP accepts no liability and responsibility for any delay in delivery or failure to deliver.

(b) Delivery of the Goods to a carrier for transmission to the Customer  or the prior delivery of the Goods to the stipulated place of delivery shall constitute delivery to the Customer and the   risk   therein   shall,   upon   such   delivery   pass   to   the customer.

(c) If the goods are not received by the Customer within seven days from the date of the relevant invoice, the carrier and Sundance DSP must at once be informed.

(d)  Unless otherwise agreed in writing, Sundance DSP shall be entitled to make partial deliveries or deliveries by installments and the terms and conditions herein contained shall apply to each partial delivery.

(e) Deviations in quantity of the Goods delivered (representing not more than 10% by value) from that stated in the Contract shall not give the Customer any right to reject the Goods or to claim damages and the Customer shall be obliged to accept and pay at the Contract rate for the quantity of goods delivered.

(f) The customer shall not delay any requested delivery times stated in the Contract without the prior written agreement of Sundance DSP.


(a) All prices and charges quoted by Sundance DSP are exclusive of local taxes unless otherwise stated.

(b)   Payment  for the goods or services is due on delivery unless otherwise stated or prior agreement or credit given by Sundance  DSP  to  the  Customer.  Sundance  DSP  therefore shall not be under  any  obligation  to  supply  the  goods  until payment  has been  received.  In the  event  of Sundance DSP having dispatched the goods to the Customer and discovering payment  has not been   made   (for   instance   if  a  check   is dishonored)   then interest at 1.5% per month will be charged on any outstanding  amount  from  said  due  date  of  payment until payment is made in full, such interest to accrue on a daily basis.

(c) In the event that a credit account is approved,  payments must  be  made  within  thirty  days  from  the  date  of  invoice. Failure to comply will result in interest being charged at 1.5% per month.

(d) In the event of non-payment, customer will be responsible for all reasonable costs incurred by Sundance DSP to recover the monies owed, including attorney fees and investigative services.

5. RISK:

Notwithstanding  that  property  in  the  goods  has  not  passed under  Clause  6  hereof;  the  risk  of  loss  or  damage  to  the goods shall pass to the Customer on delivery.


(a) Absolute property in the goods shall remain in Sundance DSP until:

(i) Sundance DSP has received payment in full of the price and any additional sums due under which the Goods are supplied, and

(ii) no other sums whatever shall be due from the Customer to

Sundance DSP.

For  these  purposes,  Sundance  DSP  has  only  received  a payment  when  the  amount  of  that  payment  is  irrevocably credited to its account.

(b)  Subject  to  Clause  6(a)  Sundance DSP  shall  retain  title to the Goods  where  the  Goods  have  been  attached  to  any other product   not  owned   by  Sundance DSP  provided   the Goods  are readily identifiable  or separable  from the resulting composite or mixed product.

(c) If the Customer (who shall in such case act on his own account and not as agent for Sundance DSP) shall sell the Goods prior   to   making  payment  in   full   for   them,   the beneficial entitlement of Sundance DSP therein shall attach to the proceeds of such sale or to the claim for such proceeds.

(d) The Customer shall store any Goods owned by Sundance DSP in such a way that they are clearly identifiable as Sundance DSP’s property,  and  shall  maintain  records  of them identifying them as Sundance DSP’s property. The Customer will allow Sundance DSP to inspect  these  records and  the  Goods  themselves  upon request.

(e)  In  the  event  of  failure  by  the Customer to pay any part of the  price  of  the  Goods,  in addition  to  any  other  remedies available to  Sundance DSP under these terms and conditions or otherwise, Sundance DSP shall be entitled to repossess the goods.  The Customer will assist and allow Sundance DSP to repossess the Goods as aforesaid and for this purpose admit or procure  the admission  of Sundance DSP or its employees and agents to the premises in which the Goods are situated.


(a)  Goods  incorrectly  ordered  (either  as  to  type  or  as  to quantity) by the Customer will NOT be accepted for return by Sundance DSP unless prior approval to such return has been given by  Sundance  DSP,  such  approval  to  be  given  at  the sole  discretion  of   Sundance  DSP   and,   if   given,   may   be subject  to  a  payment  by the Customer to cover Sundance DSP’s administration costs.

(b)  In  the  case  of  any  damage  to  Goods  in  transit,  the Customer  must  notify  Sundance DSP  within  3  (three)  days after delivery.

Sundance DSP   shall   not   be   required    to   replace    any Goods damaged in transit and the Customer shall be obliged to pay for    them,    if    the    Customer    does    not    comply with       this  notification   requirement   or  has  not  asked  for insurance coverage for any loss or damages during transportations.


(a)   Sundance DSP   warrants   that   all   Sundance DSP manufactured Goods  sold  will  be  free  from  defects         in materials    and workmanship for a period of at least twelve months  after  delivery  (“The  Warranty  Period”).  Sundance DSP’s  original  invoice number  under which the defective goods supplied  must  be quoted for this purpose.

(b) The said warranty is contingent upon the proper use of the Goods by the Customer  and does not cover any part of the Goods  which  has  been  modified  without  Sundance DSP’s prior written   consent   or   which   has   been   subjected   to unusual physical    or   electrical    stress   or   on   which   the original identification  marks  have  been  removed  or  altered. Nor  will such warranty  apply if repair or parts required  as a result   of  causes    other    than    ordinary    authorized    use including    without  limitation    accident,    hazard,   misuse   or failure  of  fluctuation   of electric    power,    air    conditioning, humidity  control  or  other environmental conditions.

(c) Sundance DSP products which are found to be defective when returned prepaid to Sundance DSP within the warranty Period may be repaired or replaced at Sundance DSP’s discretion. Sundance DSP’s warranty covers parts, labor and return shipping.

(d)   Sundance  DSP makes  no   warranty   of   fitness   for   a particular  purpose.     Sundance  DSP     products     are    not authorized    for   use   as critical  components  in  life  support devices or systems without the  express   written   consent   of the  Managing  Director  of Sundance DSP

(e) Any software comprised in the Goods is supplied subject always to the manufacturer’s/original supplier’s standard terms and  conditions  as  contained  thereon  and  delivered therewith and  Sundance DSP  shall  not  be  responsible or liable  in any  respect  with  regard  thereto.  Sundance DSP does not warrant the intellectual content to be free from errors.


(a) No liability will be accepted by Sundance DSP in respect of damage to or shortage of Goods. Sundance DSP shall also have no liability in respect of damage or shortages caused by the acts or omission of the Customer or of others or by causes beyond the control of Sundance DSP.

(b) Sundance DSP’s liability to the Customer in respect of defects in   the   Goods   shall   only   be   limited   to   the   obligations   of replacement under the terms of Clause 9. and Sundance DSP shall have no other liability whatsoever to the Customer.


(a)   Sundance  DSP will attempt to repair or replace (at Sundance DSP’s   sole   discretion)   all   hardware   manufactured   by,   or   for Sundance DSP. Hardware is considered out of warranty if:

(i)  The standard 12 month warranty period has expired.

(ii)  Upon  investigation,  it is found  that  damage  has  been  caused through mishandling or excessive mechanical or electrical stress.

(b) The customer may contact Sundance DSP requesting a Returned Material  Authorization  (“RMA”)  Order  Number  and  instructions  on where to ship the defective Hardware.

(c) The customer must package the Hardware authorized on the RMA Order using commercially acceptable material and packing methods and  arrange  for  shipment  to  Sundance  DSP,  at  the  customer’s expense,  within  thirty  days  of  the  issuance  of  the  RMA  Order Number.  All Hardware  sent to Sundance  DSP for Repair  services must include the following:

(i) A copy of the RMA Order Form supplied by Sundance DSP (recommended).

(ii) A full text description of the defect(s) or malfunction(s), and

(iii) Each unit must be clearly marked  with Sundance  DSP’s RMA Order number, its product identification (model or part number), and its serial number.

(d)  Upon  receipt  of  the  defective  Hardware  and  required accompanying documentation, Sundance DSP will arrange for the Hardware  to be inspected  and diagnosed  and, if found to contain faulty components, repaired or replaced within two weeks of receipt of  Hardware.  All  mandatory  design  changes  and  updates  will  be applied during the Repair process.

If the hardware is out of warranty the customer will be contacted and informed  of any charges  before  repair  is carried  out.  The cost  of repair will be assessed on an individual basis and will include cost of replacing components and engineering labor.

Sundance DSP will return repaired or replaced Hardware to the customer’s  designated  location  identified  on the RMA Order within two weeks of receipt of hardware. If this is not possible the customer will be contacted and a later delivery date will be arranged.

Repaired or replaced Hardware will be billed to the customer at the current rates for any services provided and not covered by Sundance DSP’s warranty.

(e) Hardware that is reported as defective and is found to be free of defects will be returned to the customer and the customer will the charged  a  No  Fault  Found  (“NFF”)  fee,  in  addition  to  all  other applicable  charges  for  services  provided,  regardless  of  the Hardware’s Warranty status.

(f) Hardware that is not repairable to Sundance DSP standards will be decommissioned by Sundance DSP, or returned to the customer, per customer instructions, and the customer may be charged for the inspection and diagnosis of the Hardware in addition to all other applicable charges for services provided.


Sundance DSP shall  not be under  any liability  of whatsoever kind for non-performance  in whole or in part of its obligations under the  Contract   due  to  causes   beyond   the  control   of either Sundance  DSP   or   its   suppliers   including,   but   not limited  to, war, sabotage,  insurrection,  riot or other act of civil disobedience,  acts   of   the   Customer    or   a   third    party, failure  or  delay  in transportation,   acts  of  any  Government or     any     agency,     or  subdivision     thereof,    Government regulations,   judicial   actions, labor    disputes,    strikes, embargoes,   illness,  accident,  fire, explosion,   flood,  tempest or  other  acts  of  God,   delay  in delivery  to  Sundance DSP or  its  suppliers  or  shortage  of  labor, fuel  raw  materials,  or machinery  or  technical  failure.  In  any such event Sundance DSP  may,  without  liability,  cancel  or  vary  the terms   of   the Contract including, but not limited to, extending the time for performing  the  Contract  for  a  period  of  at  least equal to the time lost by reason of such event.


Any supplied hardware, software, and firmware, originating from third party companies, is the originators’ (Manufacturer’s) responsibility and Sundance DSP Inc does not accept any responsibility on that. Customer is responsible to visit the manufacturer’s website or contact them directly to make sure that they understand the manufacturer’s support

terms and conditions.


Any Notice to be given hereunder shall be in writing and shall be deemed to have been duly given if sent or delivered to the party  concerned  at  its  address  specified  on  the  invoice  or such  other  addresses  as  that  party  may  from  time  to  time notify in writing and shall be deemed to have been served, if sent by post, 48 hours after posting.


The unenforceability  or invalidity  of any clause or sub-clause of these Conditions will not effect the enforceability  or validity of the remainder and if any of these Conditions or any part of them  is  rendered  void,  voidable   or  unenforceable   by  any legislation to which it is subject, it will be void, voidable or unenforceable to that extent and no further.

15. LAW:

These conditions shall be governed and construed by State of Nevada law and the State of Nevada courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction herewith.


The headings of these conditions are for convenience  only and shall have no effect on the interpretation thereof.