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Specializing in DSP, FPGA, IO hardware, IP Cores, Libraries, Application Solutions, Embedded Systems and imaging systems and camera technology.

Sundance DSP is a world-wide supplier of high-performance DSP and FPGA processor boards and I/O modules in support of high performance, parallel processing applications in a variety of fields including, imaging, radar, sonar, simulation, industrial control and military... Read More, And through its subsidiary, Displaze, SDSP supplies sunlight-readable, high-bright LCD panels for many applications including, Marine, Automotive, Digital Signage, and others...Read More

PXIe with Kintex FPGA, HPC FMC

With XC7K325T-1FFG900C or XC7K410T FPGA...Read More

Hardware Modules
Hardware Modules

DSP, FPGA, A/D, D/A TIM modules...
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PCIe104 FPGA carrier card
DSP-PCIe104 Daughter Card Carrier

PCIe,PXIe,and PCIe104 ...
Read More

DSP FPGA Systems

Multi DSP/FPGA Custom solutions for military/Defense, imaging, wireless, bio-medical applications... Read More


Optimized FPGA IP Cores for Fixed point FFT, Quadrature conversion, Polyphase filter, Power Spectrum...Read More

DSP FPGA Libraries

Highly optimized hand coded libraries for Fixed/ Floating point TI DSPs...
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