– Auxiliary boards and cables


PXIe-to-PCIe adapter card.

SE50 Break Out Board

SE50 Break Out board is  to simplify interface to the IO connections supplied by SE50 mini-PCIe card. It provides RF type connectors for faster signals and rectangular IDC connector for other IOs. A flexi cable comes with the module to extend its location and to create easier access. The BO board can be directly connected to SE50 without using the flexi cable.

FMC-GPIO68  Break Out Board

FMC-GPIO68-BO board is designed for easy access to FMC-GPIO68 IO pins. A Samtec cable is also available to extend the reach.

FMC-RSxxx-DB9 Break Out Board

A break out board and cable to simplify interfacing to the FMC module by offering 9 DB9 connectors for splitting the RSxxx interfaces.

VITA 57.4 FMC+ Extender Card

Engineers prototyping with industry-standard FPGA evaluation and development kits often leverage the FMC+ interface for I/O expansion that fits their application needs. In some cases, the mating height of the standard FMC+ connectors may prevent fully leveraging the connectivity options of all FMC+ modules.

FMC+ module  to FMC module adapter Card

This adapter allows an HPC FMC+ module to be able to connect to carriers with an HPC FMC connector. This is useful when the target IO module is in FMC+ format but the available carrier only offers a FMC interface.


An interposer between PCIe104Z and an FMC module


An interposer between PCIe104Z and an FMC module with SFPP and GPIO interfaces