PolarBerry FPGA module with PolarFire SOC including RISC processors

PolarBerry is a single board computer in SOM form factor with a PolarFire SOC  (FPGA + RISC-V processor). This is a System On Module (SOM) based on MPFS250T-FCVG484 .

PolarFire SOC has FPGA fabric plus a 5 cores RISC-V processor (PS part) and programmable Logic (PL) resource. The device package is FCVG484.


This module includes a Raspbery PI interface to allow standalone operation and rapid application development by providing many GPIOs and power.

PolarBerry can be installed on Sundance’s SE215 PCIe SOM carrier to have access to an FMC and additional interfaces.

Module also includes 4GB of DDR4  memory, RJ45 with 100/1000Base-T and 4GB of eMMC non-volatile storage.


  • PolarFire SOC FPGA from Microsemi (MPFS250T-FCVG484);
  • 4 GB of 32-bit wide DDR4 memory (MT40A1G16WBU-083E:B DDR4)
  • 128MB SPI Serial NOR FLASH for storing boot image;
  • Programmable clocks using – SI5338A – provides flexible clocking to FPGA and High-Speed transceivers;
  • 4 High-speed low-power Transceivers from 250Mbps – 12.7Gbps;
  • IO’s via high speed Samtec connectors;
  • Raspbery PI interface connector(RPI) with 40 pins, contains following:
    • 1 x I2C from MSS part;
    • 1 x UART from MSS part;
    • 20 x GPIOs from PL part(can be assigned to SPI, UART, CAN or another interface from MSS);
    • 6 x GPIOs from MSS part.
  • All RPI signals are 3.3V logic;
  • Module contain 4GByte of eMMC storage for various purposes;
  • Module contains 2 X CAN 2.0 PHY. CAN bus routed to PH1-04-UA pins header;
  • JTAG routed to high speed Samtec connector;
  • SPI interface from FPGA routed to high speed Samtec connector;
  • One 100/1000BASE-T interface routed to IO connector;
  • One RJ-45 connector with 100/1000BASE-T interface;
  • Bank 1 IOs from FPGA, including ULPI, are routed to high speed Samtec connectors;
  • Onboard power for MPSoC;
  • Built in FPGA internal oscillator for configuration and other purposes;
  • On board XO 25MHz ±10ppm stability over temperature, as reference;
  • Mechanical dimensions are 55 x 85 mm;
  • Power IN 5V and 3.3V;
  • Power consumptions for MPSoC is 12 Watts maximum;
  • Power consumption of module is 16 W;
  • Temperature range is -10°C to +85°C.


  • Automotive
  • Defense
  • Imaging
  • Automation


Component side Solder side Interface positions Block Diagram



3D View of PolarBerry

A project including software, firmware and driver will be provided for testing the board.