The PCIe104N is a PCIe/104 form factor FPGA board with a PolarFire FPGA, offering a x4 PCIe interface. The board is capable of hosting a custom daughter card with a PCIe/104 footprint.





  • Main FPGA MPF500T-1FCG1152I PolarFire FPGA from Microsemi (now Microchip)
  • Option to assemble with an MPF300T-1FCG1152I device.
  • Module is in PCIe104 format with 4 lanes of PCIe interface to host
  • Module has a connection to the stack down host.
  • It is be able to connect to a PCIe104  format host, via a stack down connection and on the other side of the card it fits to a custom mezzanine card.
  • 104 IO signals routed to the mezzanine connector (ASP-129637-02)
  • Samtec QTE-014-01-F-D-DP-TR connector for accessing 4 additional transceivers, 1 pair of GPIO, clock capable I/Os, and reference clocks.
  • Module only boots from the internal NVM FLASH for enhanced security
  • For additional security there is a restriction on writing to or modifying the content of the external SPI FLASH and the internal NVM FLASH from the host interface. Only through JTAG, the flash content can be modified.
  • Three tactile buttons, two for the user, and one reset button.
  • FLASH can be accessed for write operation through JTAG only.
  • Four power good LEDs, Two User RGB LEDS.
  • The module uses industrial grade components.
  • Two industrial grade DDR4 chips for RAM organized as 32-bit bus.
  • External SPI Flash for user data storage only.
  • Input power 5V, 3A max. 12V – for fan only.


  • Defense
  • Medical Imaging
  • Machine Vision
  • Stereo vision
  • Artificial Reality /Augmented Reality
  • Control
  • Instrumentation and testing
  • Data capture and logging





PCIe104N block diagram




Solder side of PCIe104Z

  1. PCIe104N-MPF500-I
  2. PCIe104N-MPF300-I