About Us

Sundance DSP: Powering Innovation at the Edge with Advanced FPGA Solutions

Sundance DSP, a global leader in cutting-edge FPGA technology, empowers engineers across diverse industries to push the boundaries of innovation. Our comprehensive portfolio of advanced FPGA-based systems provides the perfect foundation for developing and deploying intelligent solutions closer to the data source, unlocking the full potential of real-time insights and decentralized processing.

Imagine compact and versatile System-on-Modules (SoMs) packed with powerful FPGAs and robust I/O capabilities, ideal for space-constrained environments. Or envision rugged OpenVPX solutions built to withstand harsh conditions, seamlessly integrating into demanding applications like autonomous vehicles, industrial automation, and remote monitoring. Whatever your AI on the Edge needs, Sundance DSP has the hardware you need to succeed.

But our expertise transcends mere hardware. We excel in crafting custom design solutions specifically tailored to your unique requirements and vision. Our team collaborates closely with clients to seamlessly integrate advanced algorithms and hardware acceleration onto customized FPGA boards. This ensures optimal performance, efficiency, and power consumption at the edge, even in challenging environments.

Furthermore, Sundance DSP goes beyond hardware and design, offering comprehensive software and firmware development. We assist with creating custom libraries and implementing robust communication protocols for seamless data exchange within your distributed architecture. This allows us to deliver end-to-end Edge solutions, empowering you to focus on innovation without getting bogged down in complex development processes.

Why choose Sundance DSP for your Edge processing journey?

When it comes to unlocking the transformative power of AI at the Edge, here’s what sets Sundance DSP apart:

  • Deep FPGA Expertise: We boast decades of experience harnessing the power of FPGAs for real-time processing and efficient hardware acceleration, ensuring your AI solutions operate at peak performance.
  • Custom Design Prowess: We don’t offer off-the-shelf solutions. Our team collaborates closely to create customized FPGA boards that perfectly integrate with your specific AI algorithms and applications, guaranteeing seamless edge deployment.
  • Comprehensive Software & Firmware Development: Our expertise extends beyond hardware. We provide comprehensive software and firmware development, creating custom libraries, optimizing inference engines, and implementing robust communication protocols for a truly integrated and optimized AI on the Edge solution.
  • Proven Track Record: Leading companies across diverse industries trust Sundance DSP for their embedded deployments. Our proven track record speaks for itself, giving you the confidence to choose a reliable partner for your mission-critical projects.
  • Expert Support: Our dedicated team of experts is here to guide you through the entire development process, from concept to deployment. We offer unwavering support, ensuring your AI on the Edge journey is smooth and successful.

Embrace the future of Embedded and Edge processing with Sundance DSP. Contact us today and discover how we can help you unlock the transformative power of intelligent solutions, closer to the data than ever before.


Clients List

BAE Systems http://www.baesystems.com
Barco http://www.barco.com
Boeing http://www.boeing.com
Cymer http://www.cymer.com
Dyaptive http://www.dyaptive.com
Evi Technology http://www.evitechnology.com
Finscan http://www.finscan.fi
Fuba http://www.fuba-deutschland.de
General Dynamics http://www.generaldynamics.com
Honeywell http://www.honeywell.com
Hughes Network Systems http://www.hns.com
Imec http://www.imec.be/
IBM http://www.ibm.com
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories http://www.llnl.gov
Leidos https://www.leidos.com/ 
Light Lab Imaging http://www.lightlabimaging.com
Lockheed Martin http://www.lockheedmartin.com
L3 Communications http://www.l-3com.com
Mitsubishi Electric http://www.mitsubishielectric.com
NASA http://www.nasa.gov
Nokia http://www.nokia.com
Philips http://www.philips.com
Raytheon http://www.raytheon.com
Rockwell Collins http://www.rockwellcollins.com
Seagate http://www.seagate.com
US Air Force http://www.af.mil
US Army http://www.army.mil
US Navy http://www.navy.mil
Varian http://www.vsea.com