Solar Express 50

Mini PCIe IO and processing module based on Microsemi PolarFire MPF300T-1FCVG484 FPGA

The Mini PCIe card is a small form factor board used to implement the PCI Express interface to expand embedded PC I/O. The card size is 30mm wide by 50.95mm long. The Minicard standard defines a 52-pin card edge connector.  The card is based on PolarFire MPF300T-1FCVG484E from Microchip. It provides additional processing power, GPIOs as well as high-speed transceivers to the host. SE50 has an x1 GEN2 PCIe interface as an End Point and JTAG for programming and development. SE50 included 4GB of DDR4 memory and can optionally be fitted with lower cost MPF100 and 200 in the same package.


1. MPF300T-1FCVG484E PolarFire FPGA from Microchip (can also use PMF100 and 200 in the same package);
2. Two 1024×16 DDR4 chips for RAM (4GB of DDR4);
3. PCIe x1 Gen2 as EP;
4. Samtec SS4-30-3.00-L-D-K I/O connector for GPIOs and transceivers.
5. 1.27mm headers for interfacing to JTAG signals;
5. LEDs for power good;
6. Two Green user LEDs;
7. Temperature range, 0°C to +100°C


  • Industrial Automation
  • Control
  • Defense
Component side Solder Side

With this module customers can have a free license of Libero tools. Will need to register.

SE50-MPF100-1-E    PCIe module with -1 speed grade MPF100T-1FCVG484E, JTAG interface, 4 GB of DDR4 and SPI FLASH.

SE50-MPF200-1-E    PCIe module with -1 speed grade MPF200T-1FCVG484E, JTAG interface, 4 GB of DDR4 and SPI FLASH.

SE50-MPF300-1-E    PCIe module with -1 speed grade MPF300T-1FCVG484E, JTAG interface, 4 GB of DDR4 and SPI FLASH.


Above are with extended temperature range; for Industrial temprature range please order:




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