The DSP-PCIe/104 is a ruggedized, powerful, flexible, and expandable FPGA module. This module provides a powerful XC5VLX85T-1FFG1136 resource and can be used for stack up and stack down. It can be powered from PCIe or from an external PS for stand-alone embedded applications. A Gennum GN4121 PCIe Bridge chip provides 1 PCIe lane as a host interface and connects to the FPGA via a local bus. The card provides 104 IOs for user applications or for the daughter card through a connector. The module comes with a UART core which allows interfacing with RS232 and RS485 implemented on the daughter card with suitable transceivers. Out of the 104 IOs, 63 are 5V tolerant and with 20 being LVDS. The on-board FLASH can be used to store user applications for configuring the FPGA at power-up.

The module can be populated with DDR2 memory supplied via a SO-DIMM Socket and can take ruggedized memory modules too. A core for accessing the memory can also be supplied.

The module also provides 12 GTPs via two Samtec high-speed connectors. Each connector provides 4 GTPs with internal clock support and two GTPs with an external clock.

It should be emphasized that DSP-PCIe/104 can act as a carrier or base card for an adjacent PCIe/104 card. This will allow users to design their own custom daughter card with the highest mechanical stability and available real estate. The mezzanine card simply takes its power from PCIe but it communicates to the FPGA on the DSP-PCIe/104, using the 104 IOs available through the mezzanine connector.



  • Reduce cost for simple applications
  • Scalable system configuration
  • An expandable system allows for future expansion
  • Availability of COTS IP cores


  • Small size footprint conforming to PCI104-Express standard
  • Powerful Virtex-5 FPGA (XC5VLX85T-FFG1136)
  • Interfaces
  • 1 Lane PCIe
  • 104 IOs to the mezzanine card, 63 are 5v tolerant
  • Can accept adjacent PCIe/104 card as mezzanine module
  • 12 GTP available through two Samtec connectors
  •  Memory
    • Up to 2GB of DDR2 Memory via SO-DIMM
    • 32MB FLASH
  • External power input for embedded applications
  • Can use multiple cards in one system by stacking
  • Fast communication to the host
  • Inter-board fast communication using SCom IP core
  • Windows and Linux OS support
  • Industrial temperature grade and ruggedized



  • Defense
  • medical
  • Aerospace
  • Embedded