The SMT8180 has been designed to take one or two SMT180 Carrier boards that can be populated with any type of Sundance Modules to enable a ‘Custom’ Embedded DSP solution that will, with the help of the SMT6001 Flash Utility and the TI ‘Code Composer Studio’ and the 3L Diamond can create MultiDSP systems with as many as sixteen TI fixed point DSPs (600MHz TMS320C6416)s providing a potential MIPS performance of excess of 300000 MIPSs.

The SMT8180 could also be populated with an array of DSP318SX50 Xilinx FPGA Module to make a large scale pool of gates to simulate ASICs, etc. or to use the Xilinx FPGA for processing in a Re-Configurable Computing system.

The box is designed to be used in hazardous environments and gets power from any suitable power source available and internal DC-DC converters provide the low-voltage rails require by the DSPs.