The DSP6087-FS is a software package that allows 3L Diamond applications running on a DSP387-G or an SMT387 module have access to files on attached SATA disk drives. The package uses the industry standard FAT32 file system so that data can be exchanged with Windows computers running Windows 2000 or Windows XP simply by detaching the drive and plugging it into a spare SATA port on the Windows computer.

What the DSP6087-FS can do for you:

  • up to two SATA drives supported
  • no limit on drive capacity
  • up to four FAT32 volumes supported on each drive
  • no limit on volume size: a custom FAT32 volume formatting application is included in the package
  • up to ten files may be open at any time
  • multi-threaded access supported
  • up to 1000 files per volume
  • performance up to 45MB/s, depending on access patterns, configuration and available memory
  • operations provided: create file for write, write to file, close file, open file for read, read file, delete file, rename file, synchronise file system


  • DSP387-G module with TMS320C6416T or SMT387 module with C6415 V2 processor
  • supported SATA disk drives
  • 3L Diamond V2.5.2, and V3.1.10 or later

Having a standard interface such as the DSP6087-FS ensures that you may not need to recompile and link your software when the hardware in the system changes