FMC-MIPI, 4 channels DSI/CSI MIPI solution in FMC Format

FMC-MIPI is particularly suitable for applications and R&D in Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality (AR/VR ). When combined with our Solar Express 120 (SE120), Zynq based board, and its hardcore Video Codec H.265/H.264, it offers a powerful COTS platform for most image/video processing requirements.

FMC-MIPI is an HPC FMC designed to provide connectivity between FPGA on a carrier and 2x MIPI CSI-2 4 lanes input and 2x MIPI DSI2 4 lanes output interfaces. The module offers conversion from MIPI CSI-2 to parallel interface or vice versa to 2x MIPI CSI2 4 lanes output. This feature means that 2 MIPI-based sensors/cameras and 2 MIPI-based displays could be supported, concurrently. An adapter card is also provided that can house two sensors/cameras. Adapter cards for several MIPI-based cameras from Sony and Onsemi are available for fast project development. The default adapter supplied with FMC-MIPI is MIPI-IMX378 supporting the IMX378 camera which, can take two camera modules based on the Sony IMX378 cameras. Please contact our support team to learn more about the adaptor for other cameras. COTS cable for connecting FMC to adapter card is available; Samtec part number HLCD⁃30⁃03.00⁃BH⁃TH⁃2.

FMC-MIPI can also be attached to Sundance adapter cards to create an embedded solution. This module will be a self-contained hardware platform with power, FPGA resource, FLASH, two cameras, and an interface to x2 MIPI-based displays.

MIPI CSI-2 inputs parameters

  • LP and HP modes supported;
  • 4 Lanes, up to 0.9Gbps each lane, total up to 3.6Gbps throughput;
  • I2C interface for camera control;
  • Conversion to the 16-bit parallel bus;

MIPI DSI outputs parameters

  • 4 Lanes, up to 0.9Gbps each lane, total up to 3.6Gbps throughput;
  • I2C interface for display control;
  • Conversion from the 18-bit parallel bus






  • 2 onboard MachXO3™  LCMXO3L-4300C-6BG256C FPGA from Lattice
  • Comes with IP cores developed by Lattice and ported and tested by Sundance DSP;
  • Two MIPI CSI-2 input interfaces with 4 lanes, up to 0.9Gb/s per Lane converted to two 14 bit parallel interfaces;
  • Each MIPI DSI-2 provides independent I2C interfaces to FMC HPC;
  • Two 18-bit parallel input interface converted to two MIPI DSI output interfaces with 4 lanes;
  • Onboard reference clock generator;
  • Supported video data formats for input(camera connection): RAW8/10/12/14, YUV422(8/10-bit), RGB565, user-defined 8 bit, interface is 14 bit;
  • Supported video data formats for output(monitor connection): RAW8/10/12/14, YUV422(8/10-bit), YUV444, 666/565, user-defined 8 bit, interface is 18 bits;
  • I2C interface level is VADJ.
  • Small footprint, HPC FMC module


  • Artificial Reality / Virtual Reality ( AR/VR )
  • High-end Image Processing
  • ASIC/SOC prototyping and development
  • Machine Vision
  • Industrial Automation
  • Video analysis
  • Machine Learning
  • Intelligence and security,
  • Defense


Click here for a 3D Model of FMC-MIP connected to adapter card


FMC-MIPI on PXIe700 card FMC-MIPI solder side Front bracket Camera adapter card solder side Camera adapter card solder side FMC-MIPI on carrier FMC-MIPI on adapter


Block Diagram


The minimum order quantity is 50.

FMC-MIPI Includes FMC-MIPI hw module, and MIPI-IMX169-C, and IP core for Lattice FPGA on the FMC-MIPI
IMX378 camera Sony IMX378 camera (Framos part number CA378-AOIS)
HLCD3003.00BHTH2 Samtec cable assembly for connecting FMC-MIPI to Adapter card