This LPC FMC card has eight channels, RS-xxx interfaces. The Channels are factory-defined/built when ordering the board.
Possible combinations/interfaces are: X * RS232 + Y * RS422 + Z * RS485 where X+Y+Z = 8 ( for 8 channels ).
When ordering FMC-RSxxx-8, a customer needs to define X, Y, and Z.


  1. RS422 or RS485 or RS232 input interfaces – orderable option, separate for each channel;
  2. All output interfaces are ESD protected, ESD protection built-in IC;
  3. THE main IC is SP339EER1-L;
  4. Total eight channels of RSxxx interfaces routed to Samtec right angle ERF8-020-01-L-D-RA-L-TR connector;
  5. Supported VADJ levels 1.2V – 3.3V;
  6. VADJ and 3.3V required from FMC carrier;
  7. Power consumption: at 3.3V <= 20 mA, outputs not loaded, at VADJ <= 10 mA, signals not switching;
  8. Level translators for FMC usage, when PMOD used it not populated;
  9. Build option FMC connector or 8 6 pins PMOD male connectors with TTL signals;
  10. 3.3V or 5V supply and logic levels are supported when used in PMOD

Block Diagram