FMC+ module adapter to FMC module

Engineers prototyping with industry-standard FPGA evaluation and development kits often leverage the FMC interface for I/O expansion. In some cases, the available IO module may be based on the FMC+ Vita 57.4 standard. This adapter allows an FMC+ modules to be connected to the carrier’s FMC interface. Although the full features of an FMC+ IO module may not be available but part of the features may be sufficient to get the development going. 

This extender was used to use 2 channels of ADC on FMCP-ADC3p0 (FMC+ module)  on an SE120 carrier card (with an FMC connector).


  • High Serial Pin Count (HSPC) VITA 57.4 FMC+ female male connector
  • High Serial Pin Count (HSPC) VITA 57.1 FMC    male connector
  • Provides direct pass-through connectivity for all HPC FMC to HPC FMC+ connector


  • FPGA development
  • FPGA carrier card development
  • FPGA carrier card used in test platform
  • High-speed ADCs and DACs
  • Next generation RF connectivity

FMC-to-FMC+  converts FMC+ module to FMC