PolarBerry-PoE FPGA module with PolarFire® SOC including RISC processors

  • Based on Microchip’s PolarFire® SoC FPGAs, combining FPGA capabilities with a 64-bit, Linux-capable multicore RISC-V processor
  • Delivers an unparalleled combination of defense-grade security, low power consumption, and thermal efficiency for smart, connected systems
  • Ideally suited to defense/mil-aero, AI/ML, communications, automotive, industrial automation, and imaging applications as well as the Internet of Things

Our new revision of the Polarberry SOM will be featuring a new ordering option of Power over Ethernet! This feature will allow the already popular Polarberry to be used in a larger range of embedded applications such as IP cameras, IP TV decoders, Industrial Control Systems, and point-to-point Microwave systems. Additionally, PoE will facilitate the use of Polarberry as a stand-alone development platform for projects using both custom firmware and software in a familiar form factor.


  • PolarFire SOC FPGA from Microsemi (MPFS250T-FCVG484);
  • 4 GB of 32-bit wide DDR4 memory (MT40A1G16WBU-083E:B DDR4)
  • 128MB SPI Serial NOR FLASH for storing boot image;
  • Programmable clocks using – SI5338A – provides flexible clocking to FPGA and High-Speed transceivers;
  • 4 High-speed low-power Transceivers from 250Mbps – 12.7Gbps;
  • IO’s via high-speed Samtec connectors;
  • Raspberry PI interface connector(RPI) with 40 pins, contains the following:
    • 1 x I2C from MSS part;
    • 1 x UART from MSS part;
    • 20 x GPIOs from PL part(can be assigned to SPI, UART, CAN or another interface from MSS);
    • 6 x GPIOs from MSS part
  • All RPI signals are 3.3V logic;
  • The module contains 4GByte of eMMC storage for various purposes;
  • The module contains 2 X CAN 2.0 PHY. CAN bus routed to PH1-04-UA pins header;
  • JTAG routed to high-speed Samtec connector;
  • SPI interface from FPGA routed to high-speed Samtec connector;
  • One 100/1000BASE-T interface routed to the IO connector;
  • One RJ-45 connector with 100/1000BASE-T interface;
  • Bank 1 IOs from FPGA, including ULPI, are routed to high-speed Samtec connectors;
  • Onboard power for MPSoC;
  • Built-in FPGA internal oscillator for configuration and other purposes;
  • On board XO 25MHz ±10ppm stability over temperature, as a reference;
  • Mechanical dimensions are 55 x 85 mm;
  • Power IN 5V and 3.3V;
  • Since PCB rev 1.0 – PoE is the mount option. PoE and powering from the carrier are mutually exclusive, Only one option can be ordered;
  • Power consumption for MPSoC is 12 Watts maximum;
  • The power consumption of the module is 16 W;




  • Automotive
  • Defense
  • Imaging
  • Automation


Component side Solder side Interface positions

Block Diagram



3D View of PolarBerry

A project including software, firmware and driver will be provided for testing the board.