DSP387-G is powerful DSP module with a 1GHz TI DSP, 128MB of SDRAM memory and a Virtex II pro FPGA resource. It was built on the successful design of its predecessor DSP387. The improvements inculde the use of 1GHz TI DSP, addition of 3 more SHB connectors and support for SCom as well as increased memory. Many data-logging, DSP applications need to save considerable amount of real-time data on hard disks. Sometimes the amount of data exceeds the PCI bandwidth and hence cannot be transferred to host for logging purposes or it is an embedded system with no host system to take care of this requirement.

DSP387-G is a DSP module with the capability of working with other Sundance modules and capable of writing/reading data to/from two hard disks simultaneously. The DSP387-G has support for the latest generation of Serial ATA controller, and comes with a 1GHz DSP and a Virtex-II Pro FPGA. DSP387-G will work in an array of module as a slave or as a host and can also run Stand-Alone and use the on-Module flash for booting and control of the Disk Array.

The DSP6087-FS is a software package that allows 3L Diamond applications running on an DSP387-G module have access to files on attached SATA disk drives. The package uses the industry standard FAT32 file system so that data can be exchanged with Windows computers running Windows 2000 or Windows XP simply by detaching the drive and plugging it into a spare SATA port on the Windows computer. DSP application can have a whole host of features like reading directories, deleting files, reading files, creating files etc.



  • Build low cost real time data acquisition systems using commercial Serial ATA drives, like the Western Digital ‘Raptor’
  • Function library simplifies application development
  • Double buffered memory architecture enables maximum sustained bandwidth
  • Independent communications and Serial ATA processors maximize system throughput.
  • Max transfer rate is 150Mbytes/sec., whereas the sustained data-rate is limited to approx.
  • 40Mbytes, due to disk performance. (50MB/s at sector 0 reducing linearly to 30MB/s at sector 0x1FFFFFFF)
  • High-speed data storage for TIM based parallel DSP systems
  • Real-time logging and buffering of data
  • FAT32 support and tool for transferring data from disks to host


  • Single width Module
  • Two Serial ATA Disk Interface, using Silicon Image Serial ATA Link 3512 device
  • 1GHz TMS320C6416TÂ DSP
  • Xilinx Virtex-II Pro (VP30)
  • Six 20Mbytes/s interprocessor ComPorts
  • Four full SHB connector, with 2x SDB interfaces and all 60 I/O pins
  • 512Mbytes FLASH ROM for stand-alone use
  • Up 128Mbytes of local SDRAM on DSP
  • TIM-40 Standard compatible
  • 12 months warranty
  • Weight Approx. 68g

There is also a software (distributed in source format) allowing applications to read and write from the disks from a host program and to transfer dsik content to the host. Please see: Board Support package (DSP6087)

For more information about developing using Serial ATA please click here Serial ATA Storage Architecture and Applications, by Knut Grimsrud and Hubbert Smith

Sundance offers 2 cables that are compatible with the DSP387-G. These are the DSP587-SATA and the DSP587-SATA90.

DSP387-G is supported by PARS tool.