QNX Momentics is increasingly becoming the most popular development suite for Real time embedded applications.

The SMT6055 is one such product developed on QNX Momentics aimed at providing QNX host-side interface to Sundance hardware. It allows you to load stand-alone applications developed on 3L/Diamond RTOS to the Sundance daughter modules (TIMs) mounted on the Sundance carrier board from the QNX host. The QNX software interface also allows to exchange data between the QNX host and TIM’s on these carrier boards.

What the SMT6055 can do for you:

  • Shorten development time by providing you with a ready-to-use interface to the hardware.
  • Transfer data between the carrier board and the QNX host.
  • Download stand-alone 3L/Diamond applications to the SMT387 mounted on these carrier boards.
  • Obtain information about the carrier board.
  • Support stand-alone 3L Diamond board services.
Carrier Board Description Functionality
SMT130 1 TIM site PCI-104+ carrier board Full support
SMT310 1 TIM site PCI carrier board Full support
SMT310Q 4 TIM site PCI carrier board Full support

As it is evident from the above figure, having a standard interface such as the SMT6055 enables you to take advantage of the stand-alone 3L/Diamond features and obtain a host interface to the SATA-disks via the carrier board and the TIM module from the QNX host.


Stand-Alone applications developed under 3L/Diamond (Multi DSP RTOS), will use this software (SMT6055) to manage data transfers from the QNX host to the SATA disks and vice-versa.

  • QNX 6.3.0 OS
  • 3L/Diamond