FG-650CL, a PCIe, open FPGA, Based CameraLink Frame Grabber

FG-650CL is an FPGA-based imaging solution that supports BASE, MEDIUM, FULL, and Extended FULL CameraLink compatible cameras. The hardware is a PC plugin card but can also be used in an embedded fashion. The solution offers 8 lanes of Gen3 PCIe for host communication. An FMC-CL Cameralink FMC card is attached to the base card for interfacing with the cameras.

Interface FG650CL-PCIe Number of Cameras +(option)
Base CL 2 (2)
Medium CL 1 (1)
Full CL 1 (1)
Extended Full CL 1 (1)
2 x SATA-3  

The FG-650CL has a variety of I/O capabilities – x2 SATA connectors for real-time storage of image frames ( SATA IP core is not included). The presence of a free FMC site gives a system developer the ability to add different functionalities to this hardware through the many available FMCs from various vendors or by adding another FMC-CL to support four Bases or 2 of the Medium, Full or Extended mode cameras.

FG-650CL is based on a Zynq device using any of the XCZU7EV / XCZU7EG/ XCZU11EG / XCZU7CG in the C1156 package as a build option.

  • 8 Lane PCIe Gen3
  • JTAG
  • 72 bits wide, 2.5GB DDR4 2400, and config. FLASH

With an open PL part, fully user- programmable to implement customized IP cores. The ARM processor on the MPSOC is also programmable by the user.


  • Based on the Zynq device with options of XCZU7EV / XCZU7EG/ XCZU11EG / XCZU7CG in the C1156 package
  • Full-length PCIe card with 8 lanes of PCIe Gen3
  • Supports Base, Medium, Full, and Extended Configurations
  • PoCL (Power over Camera Link) v1.2 support
  • x2 SATA interfaces for real-time image storage with suitable SATA core (not provided) or x1 SATA and x1SFP+
  • 7.14 Gbit/sec Camera Link Interface
  • 7.48 Gbit/sec FMC Interface
  • Acquisition pixel clock rates up to 85MHz
  • Real-time data transfers to FMC Carrier
  • PCIe format (x8 Gen3) with embedded option
  • Supplied in Commercial or Industrial grade
  • ESD protection for all Camera Link signals
  • Comes with a full support package including data logging on the host side and image viewing

3D image of FMC-CL and auxiliary board

SGM Stereo demo using FMC-CL and EMC2 PCIe104 carrier card:

Tulipp SGM Stereo demo

The package comprises SE120 with 7EV Zynq PCIe card, FMC-CL Cameralink interface FMC, CameraLink capture and set up IP cores, PCIe driver, demo application, host API library, and a full user guide. Demo includes set up of camera, capture of image and buffered in FPGA for transfer to host over PCIe interface.

FG-650CL-PCIe-USxxx   (7CG, 7EV, 11EG)

Based on SE120 Zynq board. Options for PXIe and PCIe104 formats are available. Please contact Sundance for details.


FG-650CL-PCIe-USxxx   (065, 085, 115)   —>     Not recommended for new designs.

The above can also be used as an embedded unit.

Device with -2 speed grade supplied as standard. -3 is available upon request.

When ordering please indicate Linux or Windows10 (lead-time may apply for Linux version)