FG700 Imaging solution based on CoaxExpress and Zynq US+ technology

FG-700 solution consists of SE120-11EG and the Kaya Inc. CoaXPress FMC card FMC-CXP-II, from hardware of point of view.

The SE120 CoaXPress reference design is based on the reference design from Kaya for ZCU102 EVB. The design contains the Kaya CoaXPress Multi-link Host FPGA IP Core.

The design uses the FMC II CoaXPress RX mezzanine to work with the MIKROTRON 2.0 CXP2 camera.


The firmware/SW supports up to 2 cameras although the FMC can accept 4, in which case the firmware will require an update.


  • Based on the Zynq device with options of XCZU7EV / XCZU7EG/ XCZU11EG / XCZU7CG in the C1156 package
  • Full-length PCIe card with 8 lanes of PCIe Gen3
  • Up to 4 channels 12.5Gbps each
  • Up to 4 CoaXPress links
  • 4 x Micro-BNC connectors available from the front panel
  • PoCXP support
  • Including CoaXPress FPGA IP
  • JIIA compliant (TBD)
  • ECT compliant (TBD)
  • Real-time data transfers to FMC Carrier
  • PCIe format (x8 Gen3) with embedded option
  • Supplied in Commercial or Industrial grade
  • Comes with a full support package including data logging on the host side and image viewing


  • Automotive surround view system
  • Surveillance
  • Robotic Vision
  • Upgrade for legacy coax based systems
  • Defense remote systems
  • Imaging solution
  • Panoramic cameras


A complete reference design, including firmware and host side SW and driver, is included in the package. Live video from the camera will be sent to the SE120 IP core and from there it will be sent to the host via PCIe for viewing or storage to a file.

FG-700  SE120-11EG + FMC II CoaXPress 12G Card

Based on the SE120 Zynq board.  Please contact Sundance for details.

When ordering please indicate  Windows10 (lead-time may apply for Linux version)