Originally designed for US Navy, DSP8080-AIMM (Altitude Interference Mitigation Module) is a complete narrow band digital beam former system that takes advantage of altitude variations by removing co-channel (same frequency) interference. It is used to suppress and weed out unwanted channels broadcast from multiple locations on the same frequency as the one being used. This communication system is used to overcome hostile and unwanted interferences.

The system consists of two distinct components, namely the Tuner from WinRadio (not included in the package) and the digital beam forming part made up of multi-DSP/FPGA hardware and all the necessary host interface, IP cores and DSP codes from Sundance DSP Inc. DSP8080-AIMM is versatile enough to work with many brands of radio tuners but the first version was tested with WinRadio WR526 coherent tuner. Sundance DSP can provide a complete solution including the Tuner or just the digital beam forming system which comes in a 19inch rack system as shown in the image.

Host Interface: USB 2.0 (Gigabit Ethernet also available) Form factor: Standard 19inch rack mounted platform contains a complete multichannel phase-coherent system

Power consumption: (total) 77W


  • Interference mitigation in a co-channel environment
  • Implements an adaptive beam forming algorithm
  • Frequency range of RF spectrum freely configurable
  • Channelizes up to 1000 25KHz-wide frequency slots
  • Multi-channel phase-coherent locked system (8-channel)
  • Demodulates and listens to spatially combined beam formed signals
  • Basic system comes with FM demodulation with option for others
  • Input frequency range: 30 to 3000 MHz (via WinRadio WR526 tuner)
  • Stares at 22.5 MHz real-time bandwidth
  • Supports various channel spacing sizes from 25 kHz to 22.5 MHz wide
  • Scalable, hybrid DSP/FPGA processing architecture
  • Unique Frequency-Space-Time GUI to pick out target signals
  • Outputs complex baseband data
  • Demonstration application with power spectrum outputs; waterfall, color density plots, etc.
  • Optional external storage capability


Military/Security surveillance systems