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Solar Express 50

Full-size Mini PCIe board with a PolarFire FPGA,  4GB of DDR4 memory and PCIe interface, JTAG, IO connector, suitable for application processing or for providing additional IO interface to the host. This is a Full-size mini PCIe peripheral board with MPF300T-1FCVG484E FPGA (can also use MPF100 and MPF200 in the same package).

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SE200 SOM PCIe carrier

Solar Express 200 (SE200)  is an x8 Gen3  PCIe carrier board with two SoM-PF m(System on Module) sites. The 2 SoMs that can be supported on this carrier are SoM-PF1 and PF2 which are based on MPF500-1FCG1152 and  MPF300T-1FCG784E respectively. Site 1 is typically designed for SoM-PF1 but if SoM-PF2  is plugged into that position then only PCIe, Firefly, SFP+, and 4 lanes of high-speed serial links for the FMC interface will be available. The board is designed for development purposes and plugs into a PC’s PCIe slot and is powered by a PCIe interface. An FMC slot, SFP+ module, x2 Samtec FireFly, USB, and other peripherals are available on the carrier card.

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Solar Express 120 (SE120), Xilinx Zynq Ultrascale+ based MPSoC PCIe card with FMC site

SE120 utilizes the  Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC family in  C1156 package.  SE120 is a Gen4 x8 PCIe board. It can be assembled with the XCZU7EV-2FFVC1156E /XC ZU7EG/ XCZU11EG/ or ZU7CG. Depending on the choice of FPGA it can be used for applications in HPC, digital communication, image processing, and AR/VR. By cascading multiple SE120s multiprocessing systems can be easily created.

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