This inter-poser / riser card for  PCIe104Z provides 3  features:

  1. provides 2 SFP+ interfaces
  2. exposes some of the FMC IOs to be sued as GPIO,
  3. Allows addition of AN FMC module.



  • Raises the height of the FMC connector and its orientation so an added FMC can line up with the PCIe104Z envelope.
  • Some of the FMC GPIOs, if not used, can be accessible through this card
  • 2x SFP+ interface will be available for application use.





  1. PCIe104Z-FMC-interposer-SFPP                   –  a  riser for adding FMC card to PCIe104Z and have access to some GPIO and x2 SFP+ interfaces.