Solar Express 200 (SE200), x8 Gen3 PCIe card for housing 2 PolarFire based SoMs

Solar Express 200 (SE200)  is x8 Gen3  PCIe carrier board with two SoM-PF m(System on Module) sites. The 2 SoMs that can be supported on this carrier are SoM-PF1 and PF2 which are based on MPF500-1FCG1152 and  MPF300T-1FCG784E respectively. Site 1 is typically designed for SoM-PF1 but if SoM-PF2  is plugged into that position then only only PCIe, Firefly, SFP+ and 4 lanes of high speed serial links for FMC interface will be available. The board is designed for development purposes and plugs into a PC’s PCIe slot and powered by PCIe interface. An FMC slot, SFP+ module, x2 Samtec FireFly, USB and other peripherals are available on the carrier card.

SoM-PF modules designed for this carrier can also be used on Trenz carriers like TEBT0808-01, but with reduced functionality.



  • 8 lanes of Gen3 PCIe to host PC
  • PM8531B-F3EI, 4 port PCIe Gen3 switch from Microsemi
  • Two SoM-PF modules sites for modules with MPF500(SoM-PF1) and MPF300 FPGA (SoM-PF2)
  • FMC HPC Vita 57.1 connector for functional extension;
  • SATA Gen 3 HOST interface with connector;
  • SFP+ connector for 10Gb/1Gb optical modules;
  • RJ45 connector for 100/1000Mbit Ethernet connection;
  • USB 2.0 Host port for various peripheral connection;
  • USB 2.0 Device for on-board JTAG and UART debug purposes – connector micro USB
  • 2 FireFly connectors for high-speed communications;
  • On-board power for FMC and SoM-PF modules, No need of External power;
  • Temperature range 0°C to +65°C;
  • Approximate power consumption of board is TBD


  • Defense
  • Communications
  • Industrial
  • Machine automation


component side solder side placement diagram with SOM1, SOM2 and FMC Frontal view with attached FMC



A complete BSP including PCI driver and API will be provided for Windows10 and Linux.

SE200       PCIe card with 2 SoM sites with FireFly, USB, FMC and SATA interfaces.

SE200-2SoM500   As above with 2 S0M-MPF500T-1 modules