PC104P PolarFire FPGA peripheral board in PCie104 format

PC104P is in stack-PC form factor and complies with  PCIe104 TYPE 3 peripheral board specification. It offers a rapid development platform for applications intending to use MPF500T-1FCG1152  (or MPF300T) Polar Fire FPGA from Microchip. The card includes 8GB of 32bits wide DDR4, HPC FMC compatible with Vita 77.1 standard, SFP+, Display Port, SATA, USB  JTAG and user and power GOOD LEDs. PC104P also includes one End Point (EP) PCIe x4 GEN2 on StackPC bottom connector for interface to a host card.  


  1. MPF500T-1FCG1152 PolarFire FPGA from Microsemi (now Microchip);
  2. Option to use MPF300T-1FCG1152 (in that case Display port – unavailable);
  3. Two 1024×16 DDR4 chips for RAM;
  4. PCIe104 stack-up and stack-down connectors;
  5. Acts as PCIe104 type 3 peripheral board – compatible with PCIe104 type 2,3 and StackPC hosts;
  6. PCIe x4 Gen2 as EP;
  7. FMC HPC Vita 57.1 connector for functional extension with all lanes, except HB;
  8. FMC VADJ supported 1.2V, 1.8V, 2.5V;
  9. Two SATA Gen 3.0 HOST interfaces, first one routed to IO board, second routed to PCIe104 TOP connector, Lane 1 (Available only with MPF500T);
  10. SFP+ connector for 10Gb/1Gb optical modules;
  11. Display port connector with 4 unidirectional Lanes, with AUX channel(Display port unavailable, when MPF300 used), routed to IO board;
  12. Micro USB 2.0 connector for onboard JTAG and UART debug purposes – routed to IO board;
  13. LEDs for power good indication;
  14. Four Green user LEDs, routed to IO board;
  15. Two user RED LEDs on board;
  16. Four user DIP switches;
  17. Two user tactile buttons;