FG600-CL, a PXIe, open FPGA, Based CameraLink Frame Grabber

The FG600-CL is a PXIe format, FPGA-based imaging solution that supports BASE, MEDIUM, FULL, and Extended FULL CameraLink compatible cameras. The hardware is fully compliant with the PXIe standard and can be used in a PXIe chassis as well as in an embedded fashion. The PXIe700 based card, used in this solution, can be found on this page. This board offers 4 lanes of Gen2 PCIe for host communication. An FMC-CL Cameralink FMC card is attached to the base card for interfacing with the cameras.

Interface FG600CL-PXIe Number of Cameras +(option)
Base CL  √ 2 (2)
Medium CL   √ 1 (1)
Full CL   √ 1 (1)
Extended Full CL   √ 1 (1)
1x SATA-3    √  
2x SATA-3   √ or SFP+  

The FG600-CL has a variety of I/O capabilities – 2 x SATA connectors for real-time storage of image frames (this needs suitable IP core which is not included) and an SFP+ interface for transfer of images via an Ethernet connection. The x2 SATA can also be used as a general-purpose I/O.

FG-600CL baseboard (PXIe700) comes with a Kintex7 XC7K410T in FFG900 package and includes:

  • PXIe control, trigger, and clock
  • 4 Lane PCIe Gen2 (Gen3 with softcore)
  • SFP+ cage for 10Gb Ethernet or Fiber Optics
  • JTAG
  • White Rabbit support for nanosecond synchronization
  • 2 banks of DDR3 memory, 1GB each, 32-bit wide, and 128MB of FLASH

With an open FPGA, the hardware is fully user-programmable to implement customized IP cores.

The package comprises a PXIe700 FPGA card, FMC-CL Cameralink interface FMC, CameraLink capture and set up IP cores, PCIe driver, demo application, host API library, and a full user guide. The demo includes the set up of the camera, the capture of the image, and buffered in FPGA for transfer to host over PCIe interface.


  • Supports Base, Medium, Full, and Extended Configurations
  • PoCL (Power over Camera Link) v1.2 support
  • x2 SATA interfaces for real-time image storage with suitable SATA core (not provided) or x1 SATA and x1SFP+
  • 7.14 Gbit/sec Camera Link Interface
  • 7.48 Gbit/sec FMC Interface
  • Acquisition pixel clock rates up to 85MHz
  • Real-time data transfers to FMC Carrier
  • PXIe format with embedded option
  • Supplied in Commercial or Industrial grade
  • ESD protection for all Camera Link signals



  • Machine Vision
  • Imaging
  • Robotics
  • Industrial Automation
  • Process Control
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • R&D

3D model of PXIe700


SGM Stereo demo using FMC-CL and EMC2 PCIe104 carrier card:

Tulipp SGM Stereo demo

The package includes:

  • A user guide of PXIe700, FMC-CL, and manual of using the IP-core supporting FMC-CL
  • FMC-CL module (without auxiliary board)
  • PXIe700 FPGA carrier card
  • FC-CL  IP core
  • Example application capturing data and transferring to host PC under Windows 10.
  • SCom 2 package in binary format



SCOM2 Windows 10 driver package with host-side libraries for developing custom host-side interface/application.

FMC-CL-Aux , auxiliary board for interfacing additional cameras.

FG600-CL-PXIe700-xxx     (xxx=325T or 410T)

The above can be used as an embedded unit. FPGA -2 speed grade supplied as standard.