FG-550-CL, embedded, Xilinx Zynq FPGA-based, Cameralink solution

FG-550-CL is a complete imaging solution for the capture and processing of images from up to 4 CameraLink cameras. Raw or processed images can be written to the onboard SD card or transported to a host via Ethernet.

Hardware includes a Zynq eval board, an FMC-CL CameraLink FMC, a power adaptor, and capture IP core including UART for camera set up. It also includes Linux installed on the SD card for the ARM processor and the software application to transfer data to host through Ethernet and/or write to SD card. A complete user guide and the host side software, to capture images sent over Ethernet, are also included.

Interface FG-550-CL Number of Cameras +(option)
Base CL 2 (2)
Medium CL 1 (1)
Full CL 1 (1)
Extended Full CL 1 (1)

FPGA resources are available to the user for custom algorithms and function developments. USB, UART, FMC, and Ethernet give users flexibility for interfacing to any machinery and devices within the target system.

The presence of an extra FMC site gives a system developer the ability to add different functionalities to this hardware through many available FMCs from various vendors or by adding another FMC-CL to support four Bases or 2 of the Medium, Full or Extended mode cameras.

The module is populated with 1GB of DDR3 memory and sample test applications are provided to help jump-start any developments.

As standard the application on the ARM allows the captured images to be transferred to a host running Windows OS via Ethernet connection (host side application is provided) or to write to an SD card. The board boots up with the supplied Linux OS put on the SD card. The captured image can be time-stamped before dispatch to host or storage on the SD card. A utility software on the host converts the binary data to text format for easy viewing/understanding. The IP core is designed in such a way that users can add their own processing modules to it with ease.


  • Base, Medium, Full, and Extended FULL configurations
  • Supports all Camera Link bit assignment configurations
  • X1 free FMC VITA 57.1 Connector for expansion
  • PoCL v1.2 support
  • 48 Gbit/sec FMC Interface
  • JTAG interface for custom development
  • Zynq XC7Z020-1CLG484C device
  • 1 GB of DDR3 memory
  • 128 Mb Quad SPI flash memory
  • USB 2.0 ULPI (UTMI+ low pin interface) transceiver
  • Secure Digital (SD) connector
  • Clock sources: 200MHz LVDS, I2C program. LVDS, 33.33MHz LVCMOS oscillator
  • Ethernet PHY RGMII interface
  • USB-to-UART bridge
  • HDMI codec, for image display with suitable IP



  • Machine Vision
  • Imaging
  • Robotics
  • Industrial Automation
  • Process Control
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • R&D

SGM Stereo demo using FMC-CL and EMC2 PCIe104 carrier card:

Tulipp SGM Stereo demo

FG550: Package includes all IP cores as encrypted VHDL and ARM and host side codes as binaries. Hardware includes FMC-CL, and Zynq based board. Camera and Cameralink cables are not included. Full user guide is also available.

FG550-S: As above but also IP cores and processing side codes in source format as well as binaries.