SE201 is designed for use in conjunction with SDSP’s SOM1 and SOM2 modules. It can be used for development purposes and can plug into a PC’s PCIe slot (powered through PCIe ) or used as a standalone board  and powered from an AUX  power connector. An FMC slots, SFP+ module, SATA, USB, and other peripherals are available on the carrier card. Both SoM-MPF-1 and SoM-MPF-2 slots accept SoM-MPF500T-1 modules, but as options can accept SoM-MPF300T-1 or SoM-MPF300T-2 modules with reduced functionality.



    1. PCIe x8 Gen2 for PC interface;
    2. PI7C9X2G1616PR – multi-port 16-lane PCIe Gen2 switch from Diodes;
    1. Two SoM-MPF modules slots called SoM-MPF-1, and SoM-MPF-2, for modules with MPF500(SoM-MPF500T-1) and MPF300 FPGA (SoM-MPF300T-1);
    2. Slots can also accept SoM-MPF300T-2 or SoM-MPF300T-1 modules, with reduced functionality, see section 2 Board limitations and notes., SoM-MPF500T-1 is the default module for both slots;
    3. TWO FMCs HPC Vita 57.1 connectors for functional extension with all lanes, except HB;
    4. FMC VADJ supported 1.8V, 2.5V, 2.65V, and 3.3V;
    5. SATA Gen 3 HOST interface with connector;
    6. SFP+ connector for 10Gb/1Gb optical modules;
    7. Double row header connector for 100/1000Mbit Ethernet connection, like PCIe104z;
    8. USB 2.0 Host port for various peripheral connections, routed to header;
    9. USB 2.0 Device for onboard JTAG and UART debug purposes – connector micro USB
    10. Common clocking IC SI5338;
    1. Four user LEDs for each SOM slot, two red and two green.
    1. LEDs for power good indication;
    2. Onboard power for FMC and SoM-MPF modules;
    3. Connector for external additional powering;
    4. Temperature range, 0°C to +50°C;

    The maximal power consumption of the board including FMCs is 130W


  • Data logging MIMO system defense and Aerospace
  • Diversity multiband, multimode digital receivers
  • Electronic test and measurement systems
  • Phased array radar and electronic warfare
  • DOCSIS 3.0 CMTS upstream receive paths
  • HFC digital reverse path receivers