FC205 – Multi-port Serial Transceiver

Multi-port Serial Transceiver

FC205 is a logic module designed to be used on any of a number of Sundance DSP FPGA boards including PCIe104, and PCIe104N, SOM1, SOM1-SOC and Polarberry modules. These modules are based on Xilinx/AMD FPGA or Polarfire from Microchip. FC205 provides a user-selectable number of standard serial UARTs which may be connected to common external PHYs such as RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485. Copies of FC205 may even communicate with each other over short distances (such as chip-to-chip) without the use of any PHY.


  • Host API to simplify application development.
  • Up to 16 full-duplex UARTs per module, selectable atFPGA build time, all
    controlled through a single pair of FPGA channels.
  • Baud rate selectable at run time on a per-UART basis.
  • Speed limited only by external PHY chip and FPGA clock frequency, up to
    8.3Megabaud when used with a 133MHz FPGA clock.
  • Optional RTS/CTS/DTR/DSR signals.
  • Optional hardware flow control, run-time selectable.
  • Automatic or manual assertion of TX-Enable for use with RS-485 tristatable
  • Built-in TX & RX FIFOs on each port, plus any size FIFOs may be added to the
    FPGA channels for additional buffering as needed.
  • Build-time selectable inversion of serial data and control/status signals.

FC205-Xilinx  For Kintex and Zinq US+ devices

FC205-Microchipn    For Polarfire based device